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Hotspot prefix labels suddenly disappeared

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Using 2021 LTS & latest AC. What could cause it?
Using WD template, and everything else is pretty good finally. But I need the runtime prefix labels to clarify the GUI for the player. I suppose that whatever is rendering the prefix labels have been switched off by something.


  • I'm not clear on which option you're looking for - the "Hotspot cursor" panel only has two fields and both are showing.

    Can you share your full Settings and Cursor Managers?

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    I mean the USE X, TALK TO X, LOOK AT X prefix text labels themselves under the menu cycle which normally show up with the WD template. These are what disappeared, even though the function is enabled.
    I'm using the WD cursor manager and the UCC settings manager (both modified and not yet renamed), sharing them here, thanks:

  • I mean the USE X, TALK TO X, LOOK AT X prefix

    That's handled by the "Prefix cursor labels?" option, which is checked.

    I can't recreate such an issue, however. Does it occur if you revert to the original WalkingDead Menu Manager?

    If not already, make sure that your Hotspot menu is beneath the Interaction menu in the Menu stack.

  • I found the problem: the HotspotLabel calls for WD_HotspotUI's TMP element which never even existed, there is just a Text element present, which is now an orphan.

    It's like the WD template made a silent update from Text to TMP, only I have to create the TextMeshPro element(s) from scratch in Prefab mode.
    With a new ConstantID, TMP-based HotspotLabel does work now.

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