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Can't create 2D cameras.


I am new to Unity and Adventure Creator so the solution to his problem is probably obvious but I have not been able to figure it out yet.

I want to use a 2D Click and Drag camera but in the AC Game Editor I only have 3D camera options showing, I found this strange since I picked 2D project in the New Game Wizard. When starting Unity I also picked a 2D Core Template for the project. It still thinks it should be 3D cameras for some reason?

I have the latest version of AC and the Unity version says 2021.3.14f1.

Thanks for any help to figure this out.


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    Welcome to the community, @KristianS.

    The Core Template used when creating your Project won't have a bearing on what type of perspective AC uses for your game. That is set by the Camera perspective setting, inside the "Camera settings" panel, in your Settings Manager.

    This should have been set automatically based on your choices in the New Game Wizard. Check that this value is set to 2D, and the Moving and turning field underneath is set to Unity 2D.

    Check also that your Manager asset file is correct - which file is assigned is shown at the very top. Is it set to the one created by the wizard, or has somehow reverted to e.g. that of the Demo game?

    If it's set to 3D, you may have to rebuild your scene after switching it to 2D - since the Scene Manager will set up a few other things, such as the camera, differently according to this.

    It's also possible for the Scene Manager to override the perspective setting when creating scenes - but you'd be getting a message about this at the top of the Manager if this were the case.

    You're welcome to share any screenshots of your Managers and scene if unsure - it may help to get an extra pair of eyes on them.

  • Thanks for the detailed reply! The Camera perspective setting was set to 3D for some reason but I changed it to 2D so it works now. :)

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