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Steam Deck

Greetings! I would like to know how you can make the game work on Steam Deck? Of particular interest is the choice of replicas in dialogues with the Deck buttons. Because there is no numeric keypad...


  • The use of number-keys to select dialogue options is optional - you can still select/click on them directly without a numpad.

    Can you elaborate, with screenshots, on how options are to be chosen in your game and how the deck currently behaves on your end?

  • Correction: I clarified that other buttons are needed. We use Alt and Esс in the game to call the hint function and to call the pause menu.

  • You can either map these to different input buttons, i.e. the X/Y/A/B buttons on the deck, or rely on on-screen buttons through the use of Menus, similar to how the default "InGame" menu provides a means to open the Pause menu without pressing Escape.

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