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Lock dialogue options while still keeping them visible

I was wondering whether something like this is possible with AC or custom solution would be required:

I'd like to have an option to lock/unlock dialogue options while still displaying them in the dialog list. My idea is that the player will see in the dialog list that the option is unlockable, and once they meet the requirements, the dialogue option will be interactable.

For now, I am simply renaming the dialogue options ("Slot empty" when the requirements are not met -> "Play record #1" when the requirements are met) and playing out the dialogue only if the requirements have been met, otherwise the option goes back to the conversation. But it seems confusing since after interacting with the option, it will become greyed out. I like the feature of "already chosen" color otherwise and would like to keep it if possible.


  • I'Ve realized I can do a workaround without scripting, hopefully :D

    This might be unique to my game though - I intend to unlock dialogue options as the player collects "cassettes" and can then replay them by interacting with a particular NPC.
    My solution is to simply check if the player has the cassette in their inventory, if yes, I will disable the "placeholder" option, which was there to indicate that the player can with the cassette somewhere. And I set up a option with a linked inventory items, this displaying it only when the player has collected the cassette.
    Hopefully that will work :blush:

  • Welcome to the community, @Malcontent.

    Yes, sounds like a good approach.

    You could rely on scripting to auto-hide specific options if an item isn't present, which'd help to remove clutter in your Actions if you have many such options. Let me know if you'd like help with such a script and I'll pitch in.

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