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Making background speech un-skippable (yet keep them awaitable)

I have some NPCs walking around and whatnot on a list running in the background. It works great until they start talking to each other. The problem is this:
When NPCs are talking in the background, clicks to move the player are cancelled because they're interpreted as being ment to skip a speech (something I only want to have active on pausing playlists).
I tried marking the speech actions as "Play in the background" which has the desired result except it causes the next action in the list to be triggered immediately (without awaiting the end of the previous speech line).

It would be very helpful if a speech action could be set to "Non skippable" in combination with "Run in the background". Or, if there was a way to programmatically intercept and override the skipping, so I could somehow check if the speech action was ran from a list playing in the background (so I could ignore the skip) or from a pausing list so I could allow the skip.

Any ideas? :)


  • The Speech Manager's Subtitles during gameplay can also be skipped? option can be un-checked to prevent the skipping of background speech.

    If necessary, this can be modified at runtime with:

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