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Actionlist Asset Parameters Reset after Running

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well during the holidays!

So I am running into an issue where it seems that the parameters of my actionlist asset are resetting each time I am running it.The actionlist is triggered by an inventory item interaction with a hotspot.

The parameter I am currently focusing on is a boolean variable (mannequinSplashed). It is originally false, and when the player uses the "blue paint bucket" inventory item and interacts with the mannequin-hotspot, it becomes true.
Subsequent times, I'm hoping that the mannequinSplashed variable remains true, but it seems that each time I run the action list, the value resets.

Another thing to note is that the mannequin is a prefab. I am planning to reuse this mannequin asset across various scenes, so I was hoping to make sure my actionlist asset is usable across them!

I am unsure where I could be wrong, so any help would be appreciated!

Video of what is happening:

Screenshot of settings:


  • ActionList Parameter values are not tied to the Hotspot/Interaction that runs them.

    Their values can be set each time the ActionList is run, but they won't be "remembered" for the next time its run for a particular Hotspot.

    To keep track of the state of such a Hotspot, use a Component variable instead of a parameter.

    Attach a Variables component to your Hotspot, and define mannequinSplashed in there. Then, in your ActionList, replace the mannequinSplashed bool parameter with a Component Variable paramater, and replace your ActionList: Check parameter Actions with a Variable: Check Action. You can use the Component Variable parameter to override which Component variable this checks.

    Then, when Hotspot is clicked and you set parameter values, you can also set the Component Variable parameter to the one attached to that Hotspot.

    The use of Component variables in shared ActionList is covered in the Logic Prefabs tutorial video.

  • Thanks Chris -- this worked perfectly! Appreciate your help as always! :smile:

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