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Credits Sequence

I am wanting to create an end credits sequence, though unsure where to start for this.
I could easily render it in a movie clip but it just doesn't seem like the way to go, I'd rather it be done in-engine if possible.
For simplicity, the credits will be in it's own scene.

Nothing fancy, just yer classic scrolling text, though I do want to include some images, such as the Adventure Creator logo (if that's allowed?). There is no interactivity necessary, no player-controlled scrolling or any kind of advanced feature to ponder over.


  • Most simple way to my mind would be to scroll the camera, not the text. Add a UI Canvas to the scene, adding Text / Image objects stacked vertically, and then use Animation or Timeline to move the camera down.

    Adventure Creator logo (if that's allowed?)

    Sure is!

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