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Creating a "Consult Notes" option for NPCs.

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Just wondering -- has anyone connected their "note system" to dialogue options?
I was wondering if it might be possible to do something where the player can access their notes, and when speaking to an NPC, they will be able to have a conversation with them.

However, the only issue is, is that the dialogue / responses will be different for each NPC for each of the note buttons that are clicked. Is it possible to do something like this within AC?

Attached are some screenshots of my note system. The items in there are actually inventory items in a "notes category" that are linked to buttons. :

(Example notes in my menu, that I'm hoping to also use as dialogue options):

(Example of dialogue option I'm hoping to use to trigger the menu):

(Snipped of Notes menu):

Another thing to note is that the "notes section" is actually an inventory list part of a bigger menu (Called "Caller"). It has tab-switching functionality from the buttons on the top.

I'm wondering if there is a way I can temporarily disable the "contacts" tab so that players are not able to click on it, when talking to NPCs (they should only be able to see the "Notes" tab / options).

Looking forward to hearing back. Please feel free to let me know if I should clarify anything!


  • It's possible to limit a Conversation's option's display based on whether or not the Player is carrying a specific item.

    If individual Notes are actually Inventory items, then you could consider creating options for each clickable Note response - and use that instead of dealing with Inventory interactions.

    If you wanted to list these in a separate "Consult notes" menu, you could create a separate Conversation that's just intended for these options, and switch to it with the Dialogue: Start conversation Action when the "Consult notes" option is chosen.

  • Oh perfect! That's great to know, maybe I will try doing that instead -- thank you so much! :)

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