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I updated AC and my game broke, how to do it right?

I was running AC v1.75.8 and saw there was a newer version. So while having my project open in Unity I imported AC v1.76.1 and my game broke. As you can see in the pictures, each of the tabs in the AC Game Editor asks to 'create new asset file' and if I click that button the content is created but settings are not what I used to have (possibly default) and there are a lot of yellow triangles with exclamation marks in the different tabs.

I had a backup of my project that runs AC v.1.75.8 that I have now rolled back to, but how can I safely update to newer versions without everything breaking?


  • When importing an update to AC, your game's Managers will become reverted to that of the Demo game's unless you omit the References object from the import process.

    If you've used the New Game Wizard to create your Managers, however, you can bring them back by double-clicking the "ManagerPackage" file that it created alongside your game's Managers folder.

    See the Manual's "Updating Adventure Creator" chapter for details. Did you use the wizard to create your Managers?

  • Thanks Chris it works now! I should have checked the manual but didn't think of it concerning an update, sorry about that.

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