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Problem with OnStart with two exits.

Hi everyone,

As this scene opens the OnStart is played with the character walking in from an off-screen to an on-screen marker and then speaks a dialog. A true/false variable then tells AC that the dialog has been played never to be played again, and that part works. The problem is, when my character enters the door of the house and exits again, he is supposed to stand at a marker by the door and that’s it. But as OnStart then plays, he starts walking to the marker intended only for when my character arrives at the house from a pryor location.
How do I fix this? Can I somehow make AC not play the onstart when exiting the house, no right? OnStart always play? So is there a way to have my character arriving at the house and walking onscreen be separate from and happening before OnStart plays, so that OnStart only contains the dialog?


  • The Scene: Check Action can be used to check the previous scene visited. If you add this to the top of your OnStart cutscene, you can limit the Actions beneath to only run when entering from the map/street scene (or just not when entering from the house scene).

  • Thanks Chris, that did the trick!

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