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Engine sound via animator

My car flies according to the coordinates in the timeline, not controlled by the AC via "footstep sound" I'm confused to add the sound of autonomy movement to the timeline. Please advise which parameter to use to do this correctly?


  • You can't trigger a script function using keyframes - only modify properties.

    "Via Animation Events" requires the use of Animation Events - see Unity's docs on them here.

    This system is not necessary, however, if you are using Timeline to move the car - as you can just place down an additional Audio Track to handle the sound.

  • yes, but I wanted to make the car sound when the camera approaches the car

  • That'd be down to the AudioSource's "3D Sound Settings", e.g. the Volume Falloff / Max Distance values.

    The Audio Track can also be faded in any time - it doesn't necessarily need to last as long as the car's Animation track.

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