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Any way to set the Relative Volume of the 'Narrator'?

Most of my upcoming game has narrative text, but the volume of the audio files is high. I noticed that when the game is running, AC creates a 'Narrator' gameObject. I also see that it has a Relative Volume, which I can use to adjust the relative volume of the Narrator. But when the game is not running, the Narrator object disappears.

How would I be able to set a default volume value for Narrator audio?


  • You should be able to set it by attaching this script to a GameObject in the scene:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class NarratorVolume : MonoBehaviour
        [Range (0f, 1f)] public float relativeVolume;
        private void Start ()
            KickStarter.dialog.GetNarratorAudioSource ().GetComponent<Sound> ().relativeVolume = relativeVolume;
  • Thanks Chris, your support is much appreciated!

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