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Loading savegame throws exception

Hi! Happy New Year!

Looks like I've encountered some kind of a bug. When I try to load a newly created savegame or a save from the previous version of the AC - at any scene - I'm getting a NRE.

eventManager is null for some reason. I'm getting this exception at the 1.76.1 AC version, 1.75.X was good. Is it a known issue? Should I change some game settings to fix it?

Thank you!


  • Thanks for the bug report. It looks like it'll throw this error if your loading screen is not an "AC" scene.

    Precede the line with the following:

    if (KickStarter.eventManager)

    I'll make the same correction to the next update.

  • Thanks, Chris! Yeah, I'm using a non-AC scene for loading, it has only a camera and a sprite object with additional script for rotating this object.

    After I made this change the savegames started to load!

    if (KickStarter.eventManager)
        KickStarter.eventManager.Call_OnDelayChangeScene(nextSceneInfo, ExternalCallback);
        while (isAwaitingExternalCallback)
            yield return null;

    But now the object on loading scene isn't rotating while loading.

  • When I'm switching scenes using the Scene->Switch action, object at the loading scene is rotating correctly, it stands still only when I'm loading a save file.

  • I'm not sure what could have changed to cause this, but I'd suggest first trying out replacing Time.deltaTime with Time.unscaledDeltaTime in your script.

  • It worked, thanks a lot!

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