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Start a conversation within another conversation option

Hi everyone,

I was looking at the Conversations 1 page and was trying to start a sub-conversation within a base conversation (A).

It seems that everything is hooked correctly in my actionlist, so I was just wondering if there might be something else I need to check.

For the base conversation, this option has the "return to conversation" checked from the dropdown. If I select "stop" it seems to be working fine. However, I don't want this to quit out of the base conversation, so I am hoping that I can use "return to conversation" so that when the sub-conversation is finished, it will go back to he base conversation.

For this, I'm using the inspector options for the base conversation, and I am overriding the options for the sub-conversation.

Is there a way I can work around this?

Thank you!


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    "Return to Conversation" only refers to the Conversation that the option itself is a part of.

    The best way to work with nested Conversation is to bypass the When finished fields in your options completely, and check Override options? in all Dialogue: Start conversation Actions, as shown at the end of the tutorial.

  • I see -- thank you so much!

  • @ChrisIceBox Just pulling form this earlier, I just upgraded to v 1.76.2, and it seems that my workaround is not working.

    For reference, here is what I have:

    Previous attempts I have tried:

    • Run other conversation
    • Run other conversation + "start conversation" actionlist.

    It was working till now, but seems like something might have broken.

    I've been using the inspector's options instead of the "override options" since it seems to be cleaner in the actionlist editor.

    I'm trying to run a different conversation once I press the "back" option, but it does not seem to be working. Might there be a way to tackle this? Thanks!

  • What version were you previously using?

    For the "Back" option to run another Conversation, it should just be a case of setting the option's When finished option to Run Other Conversation, and setting its own Dialog Option ActionList to have a single Engine: Wait Action (so that something runs but it has no effect).

    Though, in general I do recommend the Override options? technique, as it makes it much clearer what each option results in.

    Bear in mind that this needn't mean all of your responses are within the same ActionList: you can still separate each response into individual lists, and have each output of your Dialogue: Start conversation Action run separate ActionList: Run Actions that run the intended response. If you have Wait until finish? checked in the latter Action, you can then dictate what happens once that separate list has finished - whether it be re-running the same Conversation, running another, or ending the sequence.

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