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Rigidbody Interpolate


Unity version 2022.1.8f1
AC 1.76.1 (Latest)

I have discovered a bug, I have my player's rigidbody interpolate set to interpolate.
When I start the game the player does not spawn on the playerstart and eventually falls down.

To create the issue simply set the player's rigidbody to interpolate and then start the game.


  • I'm afraid I can't recreate the issue. The 3D Demo game's Player prefab, Tin Pot, has Interpolate set in his Rigidbody.

    What other components are attached to your Player, and is there any difference if you place them manually in the scene before running?

  • The problem is in unity 2022, try upgrading to 2022.1.8f1 then simply play the scene if tin pot has Interpolate set he will not respawn on the playerstart but somewhere else.

  • Ok, just tried with my game (Unity and AC on latest versions) and setting the player to Interpolate does indeed make it fall through the floor.

  • Thanks for the details. It may be problematic if the issue lies with Unity itself, but I'll look into it.

    @JackAnimated Which Unity version, exactly?

  • Recreated.

    It should be possible to fix by opening up Char.cs, and looking for line:

    Transform.position = _position;

    inside the Teleport function (around line #1555 in the latest release). Add the following afterwards:

    if (_rigidbody) _rigidbody.position = _position;
  • It works perfectly fine. Thank you so much

  • No problem - I'll include the fix in the next release.

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