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Seperate speech mixer for each character

Hi Chris,

Is there a way to set up a seperate speech mixer for each character in the game? This would be specifically handy where a characters audio is recorded at a slightly lower level than another.



  • Yes - provided your game is set up to rely on Audio Mixers as covered by this tutorial.

    Create a new Audio Mixer that's derived from your Speech Mixer, and assign it in the character's speaker Audio Source. You can then set this new mixer's volume independently, but still have it also factor in the "Speech volume" option.

  • ok thanks Chris, so set this new mixer as a child of Speech mixer?

  • Within the Audio Mixer window, yes.

  • edited January 2023

    Thanks Chris - Which one is the characters speaker source? Is this the audiosource on the Parent or as a child ?

  • By default, it is the one on the parent - unless you assign it directly in the character's Speech AudioSource field.

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