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Dialogue System for Unity + AC (Barks)

Простите что частично не по теме пишу, но на форме "Dialogue System for Unity" сказали что это касается "АС"
Тут скорее всего не проблема и даже не ошибка, а моё недопонимание общей картины.

Ситуация такова что в "Dialogue System for Unity" есть события, которые называются "Barks" они воспроизводятся полу-случайным образом, (в видео с ) персонажем время от времени (высказывания в пустоту :D )

Я в сцене их настроил и они даже работают, но очень недолго. Пока сработает скрипт "ActionList" высказывание срабатывает, а потом прекращается. Другими словами не работает постоянно.


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    I can't speak Russian, so I'm not entirely sure what the issue you're describing is. I also haven't used Dialogue System's bark system. But I can tell you my preferred method of using Dialogue System and Adventure Creator together in a way that makes barks possible:

    (1) I only use Dialogue System so I can write conversations there using its powerful conditional capabilities (it's very easy to hide/unhide dialogue options, keep track of the lines that have been spoken, etc). But my preferred workflow is to then route almost everything into AC for display. The only Dialogue System menu I use is the response menu, which enables the player to pick a dialogue option. But for actual speech lines to be displayed, I use this command:


    This will send the dialogue line to AC, which will display it using its own menu system after 0.6 seconds (you can change this number to whatever you want).

    (2) Taking all this into account, whether a speech line sent to AC is a regular speech line or a bark will depend entirely on how you set up your AC actionlist. If you configure it to block gameplay, then it will be a regular speech line. If you configure it to run in the background, then it will behave as a bark. Don't forget to check the AC menu option "duplicate for each line?" so that you can have multiple barks on the screen at the same time.

    This is how I make this work. Hope it helps.

  • Forgive me for writing partially off topic, but on the form "Dialogue System for Unity" they said that this concerns "AS"
    This is most likely not a problem or even an error, but my misunderstanding of the overall picture.
    The situation is that in the "Dialogue System for Unity" there are events called "Barks" they are played semi-randomly, (in the video with

    character from time to time (statements into the void :D )
    I set them up in the scene and they even work, but for a very short time. While the "ActionList" script is running, the statement is triggered, and then stops. In other words, it doesn't work all the time.

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