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Lack of emotion white square

I made a "Subtitles" prefab and it works almost correctly:

But if the NPC does not have an avatar (emotion) assigned, a white square is displayed instead:

I set up the prefab as in the instructions, from the original prefab, but UnityUI did not set up the white square.

Please tell me how to fix?


  • Click on the white bar to choose a colour and slide the alpha slider all the way left.

  • Click on the white bar to choose a colour and slide the alpha slider all the way left.

    I tried it then the avatar / emotion is not visible in the future.

  • Import a fully-transparent texture into your project and assign that as the character's "Portrait graphic".

  • I also did this but it didn’t help, (also in the absence of a white cube) could you check it yourself?

    Can you send me your prefab for review?

  • I said to assign it in the character's "Portrait graphic" field - not the Image component of the UI prefab.

  • edited January 13

    Sorry, I'm inattentive.

    Yes, it works like this, but is it possible to assign a script for all future characters if they do not have a "portrait" then a transparent texture is assigned by default, and if it is assigned then the transparent texture is turned off?

    (I think this will come in handy in future versions of the AC, as there are those who, like me, decide to redo the entire menu completely for themselves)

  • A fair suggestion - I'll see if a default/empty texture field can be added to Graphic menu elements that are set to Dialogue Portrait.

  • May I ask you to send the patch file that will be in the new version so that I can use it for my characters?

  • I ask for a patch file so that in the future there will be no conflict with the new version of the AC

  • There is no patch - as I've said, I'm looking into it.

    This script, however, when placed in a scene, will set its "Invisible Texture" to any present character without an assigned graphic:

    using UnityEngine;
    public class SetInvisiblePortraitTexture : MonoBehaviour
        public Texture invisibleTexture;
        void Start ()
            AC.Char[] characters = FindObjectsOfType<AC.Char> ();
            foreach (AC.Char character in characters)
                if (character.portraitIcon.texture == null) character.portraitIcon.ReplaceTexture (invisibleTexture);
    Pasted the texture to the character was added, but the character has a white square all the same.

  • If you assign a non-transparent textures instead, does that show in the Subtitles menu?

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