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Dialogue at a certain distance

Tell me, is there any AC setting that allows you to start a dialogue after approaching the interlocutor at a certain distance?

Example: In RPG Maker, it was possible to click on any character on the screen to start a dialogue, but for this the main character had to approach the distance of 1 cell (very close distance) to the interlocutor and only then the conversation began. If the interlocutor is within line of sight (not behind a wall). Is there something similar in AC?


  • If you're talking about Hotspots being interactive only within a certain distance from the Player, there's a couple of ways you can approach this:

    1. Switch to "Player Vicinity" Hotspot detection, which involves attaching a Trigger Collider to the Player and Hotspots only being interactive when inside. See the Manual's "Player-vicinity detection" chapter for details.
    2. On a per-Hotspot basis, assign an "Interactive boundary" in the Hotspot Inspector. This too is a Trigger Collider, that instead the Player must be within for the Hotspot to be interactive.
  • It seems that this is what I need, is there a video in which you can see how to implement it?
    I take it the first option is the correct one?

  • A text tutorial can be found here.

    You can also test with the 3D Demo's Player prefab, Tin Pot, who has a Hotspot detector already set up.


    I did everything as in the instructions, except for the setting "CycleHotspotsLeft and CycleHotspotsRight." which I don't need if I understand correctly. Why is it not working what am I doing wrong?

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    See the Warning message that appears in the Console.

    You must assign the detector in the Player component's Hotspot detector child field, as covered at the end of the tutorial.

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    Thank you, Chris!

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    It appears in Player Inspectors - not NPCs.

    This is a detector attached to your Player that is used to detect nearby Hotspots - not the other way around.

    For the other way around, use a Hospot Boundary.

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