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I have a question about the path

I have a question about the move to path action.
After stopping an NPC who was walking along a path with the Stop Moving action in interaction A,
if the B interaction runs simultaneously with a flag condition and performs the Resume last Set Path action in move to path,
the NPC does not return to the original path and walk.

Is this caused by the fact that the path data is different in interactions A and B?

The properties of each interaction are
A is Run in Background.
B is Pause GamePlay.

Also, I am not good at English, so I translated it in chatGPT.
Sorry if I am making some elementary mistake, thank you in advance!


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    The location of the two Actions shouldn't matter. What is your AC version?

    You say the two are running simultaneously - is Stop Moving definitely being called before Resume Last Set Path?

    Try running Interaction B manually (click Run now) at the top of its Inspector after A has been run - does it then work?

  • My AC version is V1.74.4.

    Yes, Resume Last Set Path is done in another interaction after Stop Moving.

    And when I ran it manually, the problem persisted.

    However, Resume Last Set Path seems to work if you exclude the Stop Moving action early in B's interaction!

    This is done by executing Stop Moving on A and then Stop Moving on B again.
    Resume Last Set Path doesn't seem to work, is that how it's supposed to work?

    I've identified the cause for now, thanks Chris!

  • As a result of trying various things, it seems that it will occur when stop moving is executed continuously.
    So running Resume Last Set Path before Stop Moving solved the problem.

  • It looks like the issue may be in calling "Stop Moving" when a character is not moving. In this case, their recorded "last path" will be forgotten, so they won't be able to resume it.

    So long as you only call "Stop Moving" once you should be fine, but I'll look to see if this behaviour can be changed - thanks for raising the issue.

  • Surely it might be more convenient to have the action remembered twice!

    I'm glad I found a workaround, thank you for your generous support.

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    Surely it might be more convenient to have the action remembered twice!

    Yes, indeed - I shall address this as part of the next update.

    Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention.

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