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Hiding/disabling hotspot cursor label (feature request?)


In lieu of not pixel-hunting on mobile (see also: How to improve hitboxes(hotspots)?) we have a drag mechanism that always shows the hotspot labels.

It's cool we have the cursor label over the inventory, but once we're in KickStarter.runtimeInventory.SelectedItem != null and hover a hotspot, we get two labels.

My workaround so far has only been to hack AdventureCreator/Scripts/Logic/Hotspot.cs to make GetFullLabel(...) have return string.Empty; and magickally it doesn't seem to affect anything but the cursor.

Is there an AC-standard way of doing this? If not, could there be?



  • You can lock a Menu to prevent it from showing, but are the Hotspot or Inventory labels showing by custom script? Only one Hotspot label shows at a time using AC's built-in Hotspot label tool.

  • Yeah, the others aren't "true" hotspot labels.

    I did come up with a better solution, which is that for touch, I can get the "Hotspot" menu and just hotspotMenu.TurnOff(); :D

    Sometimes it really is simpler than expected, and the hardest part was finding where in my code to turn it back on again ;)

    Thank you!

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