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Camera turns off while playing
The camera at the start of the game is turned off, preventing the movement of the map / level in the game. But if you turn it on in the game everything works fine. Tell me how to set up so that the camera does not turn off?


  • The behaviour is intended - Cameras attached to GameCameras will disable themselves, so that only the MainCamera performs any rendering.

    To have the camera move as intended, set it as your game's default in the Scene Manager - the MainCamera will adopt its position values.

    See the Manual's "Cameras overview" chapter for details on how the camera system works.

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    I'm sorry I can't figure out where to set the default camera, please show a screenshot.

  • It will appear underneath the Default PlayerStart field at the top of the Scene Manager - but only once the Default PlayerStart field has been assigned (since the Camera and PlayerStart are linked):

  • Thanks, Chris!

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