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Player speech in timeline playing v quietly

HI Chris,

I am using Audio Mixer, but for some reason my Player speech in the Timeline is very quiet, much quieter than the actual in play speech? Anything I should look out for? See screenshots for set up:



  • So long as the Player is in the scene at the time of playback, it should come from the same AudioSource regardless of the use of Timeline.

    Does it persist if you temporarily do away with Audio Mixers?

  • it is also quiet when not using audio mixers

  • Where is the Player at the time, what are their AudioSource settings, and does the same occur for NPCs speaking through Timeline?

  • so at the time of the dialogue the real player is hidden off the side of the scene. See screenshots for AudioSource settings, I may have this set up wrong?

    Same thing doesn't happen for NPC who is a narrator (so no body and is placed off top off scene. Thanks

  • As the Timeline track has Player line? checked, the audio will come from your Player - regardless of their location.

    As your Player's Audio Source has its Spatial Blend set to fully 3D, their position will affect the volume.

    Either set this to 2D, or uncheck Player line? and assign a separate character that's in the intended position.

  • That did it thanks!

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