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[Feature request] Comments in graphs

edited January 26 in Technical Q&A

It would be really helpful to be able to leave text comments in graphs.
I am working on a large project with stuff I set up almost a year ago and I could get my head in old logic much better if I could have left a note in the graphs. On collaborative projects this is even more important.

Thanks! Alex


  • I just saw that there is a toggle comment setting in an action widget. But it would be really nice to just add a text on its own without it being tied to a node.

  • Hi, @DctrElectro I don't know if this could help, but you could create an empty "engine wait" action floating alone (I mean, without any other action leading to it) and just have the text there on its comment, or you could even use some kind of action (you can even create a custom action for that purpose) that links to a local textfile on your project or a link to an online documentation as well :smile:

    It's just an idea, hope it helps! I got a LOT from AC from the freedom it gives us to use things in a "non-standard" way or, to say it better, when you use it in a "creative" way :smile:

  • The ActionList: Comment Action can be used to attach comments in the ActionList without it having any effect in-game - aside from optionally printing the text in the Console when run.

  • @juanmaguerrero Haha, yes! I already did a lot of "creative" work arounds for stuff I needed ;) But hacking the engine means extra work when there is an AC update!

    Thanks to @ChrisIceBox for outstanding support btw! :)

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