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"Actors" images beside the text in dialogues?

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Is there a way to have the image of the person who is talking in a dialogue?


  • When you add the npc or player script to your char, you can choose the portrait image.
    But this info can be found in the tutorials and in the manual Chris made, have you ever take a look at them? Before make any question on the forum, I suggest you to search and try.
    We are all glad to help, but your questions are resolvable just to look on the manual, not Real problems...
    Hope you don't consider my answer an offense, but i have to say this to you.
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    I am sorry for asking the obvious for some. Truth is that I am reading the manual as I go along so I haven't read that yet. I will try not to ask so obvious questions. But still my problem remains.
    I have put a png image and even changed the color of the character speaking and it does not appear in any of the dialogues I make in the game.

    I've read the manual v 1.28 even though i have v 1.29. It is a general manual not getting in details. I haven't seen anywhere to say about Menu options > Conversation and explaining all the settings and parameters in there.
     I suspect that's for another operation
    I have a square image of a character I select in Fixed option number Display type Icon only and my character appears in the dialogues distorted.
  • The Conversation Menu is for the display of Dialogue Options, not for the lines spoken by Characters.  Look to the Subtitles Menu - the Demo_MenuManager has two Label elements: one to show the name of the Character speaking, the other to show the line of text itself.

    To display the graphic of your speaking Character, add a new Label of type "Dialogue Portrait", and re-size it to the correct size of your portrait texture.  When this label is displayed on a Menu of Appear Type "When Speech Plays", the portrait texture will be displayed.
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    Thanks Chris! by the way this is not in the manual :) So I create a new label as you said but i don't get what you mean next. How do i make the label to appear on a Menu. I must say the menu terminology has confused me. I need to get the image of the speaker left and the text right beside the image in all dialogues. That is when speech plays and upon conversations
  • If you added a 'Dialogue Portrait' to the subtitles Menu it will show up when you run the game (if your characters have portrait graphics defined ofcourse).

    What Chris means is that the subtitles Menu itself should be set to an appear type of 'When Speech Plays', which it should already be on if you used the one from the demo manager. Does it not show up?
  • Yes I got it to work but i don't really have a good control over where the image will show up. After tedious testing I've managed to have the image appear left up beside the title (current char name to speak) and the actual speaking text to be shown under it. I was looking to be able to set it so that i have image on the left of text both under the title (current char's name)

    Also a couple of questions. Can I have an animated image there? and even more can there be showing an animated 3d model ?
  • Not for the moment - we'll see what the new GUI tools allow with the next update of Unity.  The next update of AC, however, will allow you to change the portrait graphic between lines.
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