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Mouse clicks have default functionality changes nothing ?

Hello, I'd like to use mouse click for weapon actions and assign interaction and dialogue skipping to a keyboard key for mouse and keyboard players. However, it looks like setting "Mouse clicks have default functionality ?" to false doesn't change the fact that left and right mouse clicks keep their default functionalities (like hotspot interaction) while the Input Method is set to Mouse and Keyboard. This issue is present with both the default and new Input Systems. I don't know whether I'm missing something or there's an actual issue with AC, can someone please take a look at this ? Thanks in advance !


  • What are your AC/Unity versions, and what specifically is reacting to mouse clicks?

    When using Input System, be aware that AC's integration package was recently updated to have it respond to this option - try re-downloading it and overwriting the ControlsReader script.

    When using the default Input Manager, unchecking the option should cause such input to only be read from the InteractionA / InteractionB inputs - are these defined?

  • Updating the Input System package did the trick, now I don't have to worry about hotspots being activated when clicking, thanks !

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