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Realistic Third Person Shooter v1.0 for Playmaker

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I'm trying to compare two shooting assets. Your site says that there is support for Playmaker. Tell me if it will be difficult to implement switching to this asset? (I sent you an example asset in a private message)

It's very hard to work with GKC, since it has a lot of extra stuff and it takes 750 megabytes, and if you put all the animations 1400 megabytes. My game with all the assets is 90 megabytes maximum :)

Tell me if it will be difficult to connect this asset to "AС"?
(And use inventory in "Third Person Shooter" from "AC"?)


  • It would be difficult, yes.

    Any integration between two assets that both cover similar areas is a complex process that needs a solid understanding of how both work, as well as the unique needs of the project involved.

    Given its Playmaker dependency, this option would involve not 2 but 3 assets, making it particularly complex - and Playmaker itself is a complex asset that should be studied thoroughly before involving another asset that sits atop it.

  • Maybe you will have some free time, see this asset, how can you switch to it on a trigger?

  • That is a question for the developer of the asset.

  • I meant switching from "AC" to "Third Person Shooter" like you did for GKC. Please see the asset

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    Animal, I'm just a regular user here so I don't speak for anyone else, but I saw a different post of yours where you mentioned using RPG Maker previously. Back in the day, I started making games with RPG Maker too, and imho it's one of the most community-based engines out there - people were constantly making games, writing scripts for new features, etc just for the sake of it. I loved it. The sheer number of people involved in the community meant you'd always find the help you needed.

    I've found this to be very different as you move to more commercially-minded engines like Unity or Unreal. You can still find help, but more in the form of tips and directions - people are much less willing to put in the brunt of the work for free because this is often already their day job. I think this is the reason why 90%+ of the answers on this forum are by Chris and not by regular members of the AC Community as such. The amount of help and support Chris has provided me over the years is nothing short of amazing, going way beyond what is usually expected of an asset dev, but it is still a one-man operation focused on the product he himself develops (AC, not Unity in general or other assets).

    I think what that means is that you need to be a little more precise when you request something. Chris has no knowledge of the other asset, and providing an integration is by no means a small task. Sometimes two assets are popular enough, and they share much of the same userbase, so it makes sense to provide and maintain an integration. But if you're looking for something that is very specific to your needs, you need to do your homework first. You need to learn how the other asset works and have a rough idea of how it could be integrated. If you don't have it yet, the best thing to do would be to ask the developer of the other asset.

    Once you know more about it, you can considerably reduce the scope of your feature requests, and Chris might be able to give you pointers about the workings of AC to get you all the way there.

  • Rairun
    Good answer, I will take into account that you need to be more detailed, RPG Maker is a very simple but very old engine, but there is a basic functionality that works for 99% of such projects. What I'm trying to implement on Unity is the same basic functionality for the 3rd month now.

  • ChrisIceBox

    Can I ask you to create an integration with an asset released on playMaker, namely from this asset to receive:
    1. number of lives
    2. the number of weapons and their number of cartridges.
    3. inventory items (if you can use AC inventory it would be cool)
    4. camera status

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    Again what Rairun said, the Creator of AC has no knowledge of that and you shouldn't expect him to take time to look at a different (not AC) Asset figure stuff out FOR you, that is YOUR Job as a dev to figure out, if you decide to use different Assets together.

    This forum is for the Adventure Creator Asset, not different Assets or Integrations, he does have a few Integrations, but that doesn't mean you should expect the dude to implement every Asset there is. That is impossible.

    The Rule when using Assets is always, what is there, and can i work with it?
    Don't expect any different sets of Features other than presented, or things to be done for you, that do not have anything to do with this.
    I've had very different experiences and that's why i appreciate this one even more.

    What you are requesting is not troubleshooting or figuring stuff out with Adventure Creator. It's basically just giving work. That is very inconsiderate.

    He's doing great support work, and always remember that this is one person, and you are not the only one requesting things and asking for help from this one Developer.

  • snan
    I do not demand, I just hope that there will be free time.

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    there is no free time

  • I'm thinking about free time to ask Chris.
    Chris, please help me transfer the number of lives and the number of ammo for weapons from the "Third Person Shooter" asset. Is it possible?

  • As others have said, this is a forum for AC technical support. There are still limits to what such support entails - I cannot make your game for you.

    This script can be used to update the value of an AC Global Integer Variables based on the value of a Playmaker Integer FSM variable:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class TransferPMInteger : MonoBehaviour
        public PlayMakerFSM playMakerFSM;
        public string integerName;
        void Update ()
            if (playMakerFSM != null && playMakerFSM.Fsm != null)
                FsmInt fsmInt = playMakerFSM.Fsm.GetFsmInt (integerName);
                if (fsmInt != null)
                    AC.GlobalVariables.GetVariable (integerName).IntegerValue = fsmInt.Value;

    Attach a copy of this component to your scene for each PM/AC variable you wish to link. A similar script can be used to transfer floats - just rename the instances of "Integer" and "Int" to "Float".

  • Thank you very much, Chris!

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