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AC Trigger interferes with Point and Click Movement?

Has anyone else observed this behavior? AC Trigger (or even a standard Box Collider set as a trigger) will prevent Point and Click movement. Direct Movement has no problem, and the navmesh gizmo shows any click within the Trigger simply doesn't register with Unity Pathfinding in Scene view. I've created a simplified test scene to observe the behavior.

Any thoughts here? The navmesh has baked properly, and I've tried replacing the Rigidbody and capsule collider of the Player character with a character controller with no change in behavior. This feels like the trigger collider is preventing/deflecting the raycast from selecting a point on the navmesh. The AC Trigger is on the correct 'Ignore Raycast' layer (which is property set in Settings--> Raycast Settings.

This is using AC version 1.76.1 on Unity 2021.3.12f1

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!


  • The issue is related to an unfortunate bug with v1.76.1, whereby objects placed on "Ignore Raycast" aren't ignored after all.

    v1.76.2 addresses this issue, so updating should resolve it. Alternatively, you can fix it manually by locating the Player Interaction component within the scene's GameEngine object, and removing "Ignore Raycast" from its "Point Click Layer Mask" field.

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