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First-person primer-Can't get the door to open.

I've been following the "First-person primer" and can't seem to get the cabinet to open, well in my case, a door. The animator fires to the closed state, but no response when I click on the door. The AC variable changes value from true to false.


  • I'll attempt a recreation. What is your AC version (shown at the bottom of the AC Game Editor window), and what are the properties of the "IsOpen" Variables as defined in the Variables component?

    The Link Variable To Animator component should report a warning if a link between the two cannot be established - is anything related to this appearing in the Console window?

  • v1.76.2
    Link Variable to Animator in the editor

    Link Variable to Animator during RunTime, no warnings.

    Components variables

    0:IsOpen - False
    Type: Boolean
    Value: False
    Link: Custom Script
    Script sets vaule: unchecked

    Manually clicking on IsOpen during RunTime does open the door,

  • Chris, dont worry about it. I got a couple of other doors to open just fine. I'm thinking since it was my first time, I've must have missed something, or did a step wrong on that one. I'm going to start that one from scratch since I'm starting to get the hang of it.

  • edited February 6

    So, I just spent the last several hours using what I learned from your "Interactions 101: A simple door" and applied it to all the doors. They work perfectly with that tutorial. Also I feel much more confident with AC. So please dont waste your time with trying to figure out what went wrong. I'm pretty sure it was user error.

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