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Highlighting an object

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When you hover your mouse over the crane, the object is highlighted.

In my scene, the backlight is triggered as soon as the character approaches it, how can I change the backlight as soon as I bring the mouse pointer to the object itself?


  • I'll need to see your full Settings Manager.

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    Perhaps this video will help solve the problem?
    I think this is related to "HotspotDetector"
    Or something else you need to show from the settings?

  • Your Hotspot Detector looks off-centre - slightly to the left of your Player.

    When using Player Vicinity Hotspot detection, the Hotspot Detector will highlight all Hotspots inside it, revealing to the Player which Hotspots can be interacted with.

    Setting your "Hotspot detection method" to "Mouse Over" will cause them to be highlighted only when the mouse is over it.

    If you want to limit a Hotspot's interactivity based on the Player's position, you can assign an "Interactive Boundary" to the Hotspot. This will be respected regardless of your chosen detection method.


    Works great! Can you please tell me how to get rid of the gear at the beginning of the interaction?

    (Just clicked the cursor once and the interaction began)

  • This is the behaviour of "Choose Hotspot Then Interaction" mode.

    For a one-click interface, set your Interaction method to Context Sensitive.

    See the Manual's "Interaction methods" chapter for details on each of the available options.


    Interactive boundaries- no matter how I tried to set it up, clicking on a hotspot still works across the entire screen. Tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  • You need to assign the Interactive Boundary in the Hotspot's Interactive boundary field.

    The Interactive Boundary component should be on a separate GameObject. The Trigger collider attached to it describes the area that the Player must be within - the one on the Hotspot describes the area that is clicked on.

    Is it possible to configure somewhere so that when creating an "Interactive boundary" it is placed in an object and not separately? (And then the NPC left and the border remained in place)

  • Parent the Interactive Boundary to the Hotspot to have it move when the Hotspot moves.

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