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Opening doors

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Please tell me theoretically how the process of opening doors is created, and what pitfalls can be expected? (I'm trying to do something similar to the video above, I would be glad for instructions on how to do it right)



    Аналогично с вопросом по дверях, пытался создать эффект, что персонаж толкает лестницу, возможно не знаю как задать движение персонажа во время толкания, подскажите пожалуйста.

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    Sorry, but in English too:

    Similarly, with the question on the doors, I tried to create the effect that the character was pushing the stairs. It turned out to push the stairs due to the parallel movement, I don’t know how to synchronize these actions correctly. How to stop the character after the end of the movement of the stairs?

  • The best way to sync up the movement of an object, a character's animation, and sound, is to use Unity's Timeline feature.

    AC's Engine: Control Timeline Action can be used to playback Timelines as part of cutscenes and interactions, and can also be used to remap bindings at runtime.

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