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The sound is late

I set up the transition, from the 1st to the second floor and during the transition (this happens instantly) I added the sound of a person climbing the creaky stairs to the top, and in fact in the game it happens that the character has already risen, and the sound has just begun to be played (as if someone just started going up)

Or is it possible to somehow implement this moment correctly, so that at least the sound starts, and then a character appears on the second floor?


  • It depends on what you want to have happen while the sound plays - e.g. animate the character, fade out, etc.

    To just have the character teleport once the sound has finished, check Wait until finish? in the Sound: Play Action.

  • I must have misunderstood, sorry. When a character goes up the stairs, the AC moves him instantly and the camera also, and the sound lasts 3-4 seconds. If you leave everything as I have now, then the character is already on the second floor, and the sound comes from going up the stairs.

    As an option, you can make the sound start playing, and the camera is already showing the second floor, and the character will appear only when the sound is over, is that possible?

    Or maybe you have a better idea than me?

  • Create a new camera that does not follow the player, place it upstairs and switch to it. Play the sound with Wait until finish? checked, and then teleport the player. Switch the camera back to the one that follows the player.

  • Rairun
    Great idea!

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