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Inventory Interaction problem with player

I created an inventory interaction executing an action list with a character animate action affacting a trigger parameter. This parameter enables a transition from the blend tree to another animation.
This all works fine when using with a scene object.
But I wanted to use it with the player. So I added a hotspot element to the Player and used the exact same approach. But it us not reacting.
What do I need to do differently to get it working like with any other scenes object?
Actually I don't get any standard interaction working with the Player.
What I am missing?


  • As with regular Hotspots in the scene, your Player's Hotspot will need a Collider, and placed on the Default layer, to be interactive.

    If your Player is a prefab, i.e. spawned into the scene at runtime, then you'll also need to rely on ActionList asset files - rather than scene-based Interactions - for the Hotspot's Actions. This is so that the Actions can be run from any scene.

    At the top of the Hotspot's Inspector, set the Interaction source field to Asset File. You'll then find you can assign an ActionList asset to each Interaction.

    If you've already got a scene-based ActionList that you want to run, you can convert this to an asset file by clicking the cog icon to the top-right of its Inspector.

  • Chris, thank you. My player was on the ignored raycast layer. That could not work of course. I am always learning. Can I ask a different question?
    Regarding the inventory- is there a method to show the inventory items in full size like 512x512 pixel? The reason is that I want to use playing cards as inventory items and I want to show them in detail.

  • Yes - you can resize how Inventory items are drawn by configuring the Inventory menu's InventoryBox element, inside the Menu Manager.

    Menus can be renderered in two ways, set via the Source property near the top. When set to Adventure Creator, you can adjust the size and position of elements directly in the Menu Manager (and preview their display in the Game window).

    When set to Unity Ui Prefab, the Menu relies on a Unity UI canvas prefab for display - so you can re-size elements by scaling their respective GameObjects in the prefab's Hierarchy.

    For more details on how AC's Menu system works, see the Manual's "Menus overview" chapter.

  • Thank you Chris. I will play with the settings and try what works best.

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