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Element order in a menu?

Hi, I added a graphic to the Subtitle Menu so I can show the portrait of my characters. However, I want that graphic to stay BEHIND the other elements (this is show behind the text and name of the character) like in this example:

In my project, the graphic always appear ABOVE the other two elements. I have them in this order:

What should I do to make the graphic appear BELOW and not ABOVE?

Thanks in advance!


  • What's your Menu's "Source" property set to?

    When set to Adventure Creator, then both Menus and their Elements are drawn in the order defined in the Manager. Elements listed last will be drawn last - i.e. atop those drawn before.

    When set to Unity Ui Prefab, Menus rely on a Canvas prefab for rendering, so the Z-position of each Element's linked GameObject determines draw-order. A tutorial on working with UI-based Menus can be found here.

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