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Feature: Let punctuation affect Chars Per Second setting in subtitles

I think it would be really cool to include the possibility to let punctuation affect the lifetime of subtitles (non-typewriter ones).
So that if a dialogue entry contained 50 characters and among these 2 full stops and 3 commas, the time-on-screen would be prolonged by a certain small amount for every full stop and comma.
Of course it should be possible to set the value for each punctuation mark.

Being able to fine-tune conversations like this would be awesome :-)

If you don't find it's worth the time to make it a full feature, maybe you could point out where in the code I should start looking if I wanted to try to make this change myself...


  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    I'm not sure the amount of use it'd get vs the complexity it would add to the interface would make it best to include officially, but certainly I should like it to be possible to add via custom script.

    It's not currently possible to alter the length of time a speech line takes once the line begins, but I'll look to see if this ability can be provided. That should then allow a custom script to hook into the OnStartSpeech custom event, work out how long to extend the display time by, and then update the speech line with that new duration.

    If you wanted to go about hacking AC in the meantime, you can affect this by updating the value of the displayDuration float value in the Speech script's InitSpeech function.

  • Making speechtime available to a custom script as you described, would be just fine. Anyone looking for this kind of control would then be able to build their own feature without too much hazzle. Thanks for considering it!

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