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Player Vicinity Collider issue

Hello all,

I was very hesitant to ask for help before checking every other forum post related to the matter but i have been stuck for quite a few days now so I figured maybe it is best to ask .

I am using Unity version 2022.1.7f1
I am using Adventure creator Version V1.76.3

So My problem is I am trying to make it so so hotspots can be detected while in player vicinity.( Have selected the player vicinity option)
I have read all the guides and forum posts related to this including checking out tin pot prefab and formatting my player prefab similarly, its in 2d so I have made sure to attach a circle collider 2d ( set as trigger) and a kinematic checked rigid body 2d to the detector which is a child of the player sprite ( which is a child of my main player object)

The problem I have is the collider when editing a prefab wont let me edit the collider ( I have made sure the gizmo settings are all correct to show colliders), I cant see any green circle as usual to adjust and i think because of this i am getting these yellow warnings and there for its not working.

I have attached below a google drive folder containing the screenshots, hopefully this is enough,

Thank you for your help


  • Sorry to update as photos do not show but I also made the rigid body kinematic and checked trigger on the 2d circle collider and still no luck - thank you

  • Welcome to the community, @CharlesLondon.

    See the warning boxes on your "Hotspot detector" component - these will show if AC believes yours is a 3D game, rather than 2D.

    2D and 3D games each rely on their own physics components - a Rigidbody 2D for 2D games, Rigidbody for 3D games, etc.

    If your game is intended to be in 2D, make sure that this is set up as such in the Settings Manager's "Camera settings" panel. This should have been set up by the New Game Wizard, but make sure the "Camera perspective" is set to "2D" if that's right for your game.

    The Hotspot detctor should then recognise the 2D physics components you've attached, and the warnings should disappear.

  • Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the warm welcome and the super speedy response !
    Great customer service !
    So I have changed camera perspective to 2d and moving and turning to unity 2d and the warnings disappeared - thanks !
    but still unable to see the wireframe of the 2d circle collider on the detector object
    any idea to why this may be?

    Thanks again !

  • Below have attached an image of what I mean by no wireframes, and this is for all the colliders on my prefab object not just the child ( Have checked gizmos)

  • So I made a new player prefab from scratch and replaced my old one and the colliders seem to work now, only problem is the hotspot detector will only register if 2d camera AND moving and turning in unity is checked and when I check this then hotspots don't seem to work even when I switch back to point and click mouse and keyboard - thanks

  • edited March 11

    the hotspot detector will only register if 2d camera AND moving and turning in unity is checked

    If you're making a fully 2D game, keep the "Moving and turning" field set to "Unity 2D".

    In the same way that the detector's physics components are based on your chosen perspective, so too are Hotspots. The collider component on a Hotspot will need to be 3D for 3D games (Box Collider, Sphere Collider etc), and 2D for 2D games (Box Collider 2D, Polygon Collider 2D etc).

    Check that the Hotspots in your scene have Collider types that match your perspective. When using the Scene Manager to create them, AC will attach Colliders to match the perspective - so if you were making them while set to 3D, it's possible that they have 3D colliders, which won't be useable in 2D.

    If this is the case, you can manually replace these colliders with 2D equivalents.

    If not, share screenshots of a typical Hotspot, your Hotspot Detector, and Settings Manager, and I'll try to spot what's wrong.

    Below have attached an image of what I mean by no wireframes

    FWIW, the issue with this older prefab looked to be that the Transform's Scale values were (0,0,0).

  • Hey Chris,

    I can't thank you enough for your support!

    I have since managed to fix the player vicinity problem as your recommended changing to 2d camera + movement,
    I was not being attentive enough and after double double checking I noticed I was not using all 2d components and now player vicinity works! My brain goes to mush sometimes.

    In terms of the prefab, I just created a new player prefab and the wireframe, colliders and everything works perfectly, however I do have a copy of the old prefab still saved in an old the copy of the project so will try changing the transform values just for educational purposes for myself.

    Thanks again ! :)

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