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Third person mode

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Hi Adventure Creator Gurus :) , I bought Adventure Creator but it doesn't have a third person mode like "Life Is Strange", AC promises "no coding" but I'm afraid I'll have to roll up my sleeves to start programming a lot of code, I wonder if you know any tutorials to do a point & click like "Life Is Strange" thank you very much!


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    Welcome to the community, Fabi.

    Certainly, AC can be used for this kind of gameplay.

    The option in your screenshot merely relates to the way your Player character is controlled. AC separates camera and movement modes, making it possible to create e.g. a third-person point-and-click game, third-person drag-controlled game, etc.

    For a traditional over-the-shoulder third-person game, set this value to Direct. If you've already completed the New Game Wizard to create your Managers, you can find this option in the Settings Manager's Movement method field, inside the "Interface settings" panel.

    You'll then want to rely on AC's third-person camera type for your scene. To do this, set up your scene using the Scene Manager, and then choose the "GameCamera Third-person" camera option from the list of prefabs below. Once this is added to the scene, you can assign it in the Scene Manager's Default camera field near the top.

    This camera and movement combination is covered as part of the 3D primer tutorial, which you can find here.

  • Thanks a Lot Chris :)

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