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problem with Arranging Puzzle

Hello, i have a problem with the downloadable package "Arranging Puzzle"
when i load it show an error in the console:

Assets\AdventureCreator\Downloads\Arranging puzzle\Scripts\ArrangingPuzzlePiece.cs(75,42): error CS0117: 'ACScreen' does not contain a definition for 'LongestDimension'

and i cannot press play because it say that "all compiler errors have to be fixed"

ive searched online for this problem, but i didnt find nothing, Thanks in advance!


  • What AC version are you using? Packages on the Downloads page require the latest to be imported from the Asset Store.

  • Thank you for your response.
    Yes it's true I have an old version (1.75 i think), I started a long time ago and now I'm afraid to update AC because I don't know what can happen to my project and it's still not very clear to me how it works and how deep is the interconnection with unity. Is there any guide you can recommend for me to upgrade on a project without messing it up?

  • If you're looking to check out the template before incorporating it into your game, you can create a new project and import both AC and the package - the template includes an example scene that you can run without the need for your own project.

    When updating AC, be sure to always back up your project beforehand - though I recommend the use of version control when working with any Unity project.

    Upon updating, be sure to check the "Upgrade notes" sections of the Changelog file for all versions released since. These detail any changes made that may require attention for things to remain as they were before updating. Here are the notes between v1.75.0 and v1.77.1:

    • The ActionTransform script's CreateNew_RotateTo function has been renamed to CreateNew_ScaleTo
    • The Settings Manager's GetDefaultPlayer function is now Editor-only
    • The iSaveFileHandler's Save, Load and Delete functions now return their results via callback
    • The SaveSystem script's ExtractSaveFileVariables function now returns the List of variables via callback
    • The OnCraftingSucceed custom event now takes an additional InvInstance parameter that represents the resulting item
    • Giving an item to an NPC with no interaction will run the item's unhandled 'Give to NPC' interaction, not 'Use on Hotspot'
    • The "Disable Hotspots while dragging Player?" option has been removed
    • The RuntimeInventory script's CraftingInvCollection has been replaced with the CraftingInvCollection[] array
    • The RuntimeInventory script's CalculateRecipe and PerformCrafting functions now require an InvCollection to source ingredients from
    • Drag-based Player movement is no longer disabled when the Interaction menu is turned on - use the "Engine: Manage systems" Action to disable Movement instead
    • Camera-dragging now requires that the drag distance relative to the screen's longest dimension exceeds the "Drag threshold" value before dragging will occur
      -Scene-based Actions are now autosaved every 10 minutes - see this link for details:
  • Thank you Chris! You are so kind

    I finally got it to work by simply opening the script that was giving error with text edit and deleting the words (ACScreen LongestDimension)

    I know that's not a very wise thing to do for the project, but I just wanted to open the example file and figure out how they worked... and strangely and incredibly it worked! ahahah

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