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Issue with parsing text in speech bubble

edited April 3 in Engine development

Hi, i'm using the AC creator UI at the moment, and i noticed something weird about text with punctuation characters. Notice the !


  • Sorry, you'll need to give more detail - what have you set the text to be, and what should it correctly display as?

    What are your AC/Unity versions, and what are your Menu's properties set to. Please share as much detail/screenshots as you can.

  • Unity version 2021.3.3f1 and AC 1.76.1
    Speech set to scroll. When reach border of bubble, the punctuation ! falls in the new line and it shouldn't be...

  • What is the text exactly, and what are the Menu's properties?

    The best way to tackle text dropping to the next line when scrolling is to rely on Text Mesh Pro, which comes with its own typewriter effect that can predict final character placement.

    To make use of it, convert your Menu to use Unity UI, import TextMesh Pro from the Package Manager, and update your UI Text components with TextMeshPro UGUI components.

    Next, add "TextMeshProIsPresent" to your project's Scripting Define Symbols box inside your Project -> Player settings. This will allow AC to make use of TextMeshPro - and show a new TMPro Typewriter effect? option inside your Subtitle menu's Label element.

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