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Skip through ActionList until next Player input needed

Hi all,

I was wondering if it might be possible to map a key on the keyboard such that the player is able to skip through all of the Dialogue, Engine: Wait(s), Walk-to-markers, etc. until the next player input is needed in an action list (e.g: the player needs to select a dialogue option).

Might it be possible to do this?
Thank you so much!


  • Yes - the "EndCutscene" input, if defined, will skip through all currently-running skippable ActionLists.

    See the Manual's "Skipping cutscenes" chapter for details.

  • @ChrisIceBox Thank you for letting me know!

    I was taking a look at the manual, and it mentioned the Input Manager defines this. By any chance, is this the Unity Input Manager, or is it the Adventure Creator "Active Inputs" window?

    Thank you!

  • Unity's Input Manager.

  • Thanks!

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