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[BUG?] Trigger Visibility

Hi there. I've been having some issues with trigger visibility, specifically in the ActionList editor.For context, I'm trying to set visibility on a trigger (from invisible/off) to "Visibile" when a Hotspot interaction occurs.  I can set "Remember Trigger" to "Off" in Inspector, and that works just fine, but the moment I try to set it to "On" in ActionList, it doesn't affect it. I've tried adding the trigger as a child inside an object, set "remember visibility" to "invisibile" and then try to set "affect children", in the ActionList, that also didn't work. I've also tried the direct approach, Object -> Visibility. No luck.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

As usual, thank you in advance.


  • If you want to turn on or off your triggers you should use Object: Send Message and then select Turn On or Turn Off. Visibility just affects objects that you can physically see in a scene.

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    Object: Send Message + "Remember Trigger"? @Kisuarts

  • Use the Object: Send message Action, setting the Object to affect as the Trigger.

    The Turn On and Turn Off commands can then be used to enable and disable the effects of the Trigger.

  • thank you, it worked. have a wonderful week end

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