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A local EventSystem object was found in the scene, and may cause problems.

Hi all,

I am using a Unity asset called Easy Feedback Form. It requires that I create a default EventSystem in the scene. It works perfectly but I am getting this yellow error message when running the game:

'A local EventSystem object was found in the scene. This will override the one created by AC, and may cause problems. A custom EventSystem prefab can be assigned in the Menu Manager.'

I will not be changing the default settings of the EventSystem and it will only be used for this particular task. Should I act on this now and sort it out or is it not likely to be a problem?

Thanks for any advice.


  • It's not necessarily an issue, but you'll need to be aware of what overriding AC's default EventSystem entails.

    AC's EventSystem replaces the Standalone Input Module with its own Optional Mouse Input Module component. This mainly handles two things:

    1. Allows for AC's InteractionA/InteractionB and touch-screen inputs to work with Unity UI
    2. Allows for direct-control over Unity UI menus given the options at the top of the Menu Manager

    If these don't need to factor into your game, you can use Unity's standard EventSystem.

    If they do, you can manually replace the Module to bring back AC's default functionality.

  • Ok thank you Chris. I only need to use the feedback form for my demo so hopefully it won't cause any issues and it won't be present in the finished game anyway.

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