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[SOLVED] Fire Alarm blinking light

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I am trying to make a cut scene where  after a bool flag is set to true from a triger a red light starts to blink like an alarm situation. I have tried using the Object enable and Object visible actions but all i get is the light to be either blinking fast uncontrollably or the light to be there static even before the triger  is activated. Any help?


  • If don't work this way, try make a simple script for the light and use the action: Send Message for this script.
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    I am not really sure how to use the Send Message with an outside of AC script. I get an error TurnOn has no receiver!
  • If you send a TurnOn message to a script, you have to be sure that such a script has a TurnOn function!  Most AC prefabs have functions like this, Interact, TurnOff etc, but a custom script will have to have the same.

    Rather than having a custom script, you may be able to get what you need by making a Cutscene that runs in the background.  Something like a Visible (off), Pause, Visible (on), Pause, Variable Check loop should do the trick.
  • It worked @ChrisIceBox :) thanks man you rock
  • i need to swich objects on and off. so i made a script.
    the TurnOff function works fine. but i still get an eror message for the TurnOn function...

    my code:

    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    using AC;

    public class TurnOnAndOff : MonoBehaviour {
        public void TurnOn()
        public void TurnOff()

    i tryed to send a cutom message to my TurnOn function. but i get the same resolt...
    is it named difrentlly? i spose not... what am i doing wrong?

  • by the wey, you (the outher) shuld defenetlly add a script like this, or atleast a simple option threw the action list, to turn on and off objects in the scene. i belive that that's a nessesity. not complaning thow :)
  • Corection.  it seems that the Off function can work only once on an object. the second time i tryed, i get the same error massege (Only with the name "TurnOff" for the 'missing' function).

    i ment the last comment in a good helpful way, not in any other way. i love AC, and my love 
    growes as i lern more and develop :)
  • Once a GameObject is disabled, Unity has trouble find it again, hence the error message.

    This is why AC does not come with such a script.  Instead it is better to disable individual components on an object, or remove it from view with the Object: Visibility or Object: Teleport Actions.

    If your script is there to control a light, for example, your TurnOff function could instead be:
    GetComponent ().enabled = false;
  • ok. so abowt that, enabling object components, i have one camera that reanders to a reander matirial, and i need it working in the background. and the camera component is disabled on scene play. i tryed to make it active thugh an action list, but it stays disabled....

    so what exaclly does the object:TurnOn action do?...
  • it used in the 3d tutorial, but on an AC trigger..
    this ishue is a bit of a problem for me, becouse i have a realistic efects pacage, that are starting to act upon enabling the object...
  • i belive i can just crate them at run time and distroy them at the right time... yap, that's one salution :)
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm trying to make a blinking lights as like as light alarm.

    The idea I would have:

    - At the beginning of the game, this lights are OFF. I understand that on my Cutscene OnStart I must indicate that this object are invisible. As they are two lights (alarm1 and alarm2) I have incorporated them into a Empty Object (Alarm Lights), so that I indicate affects children. 

    - When I cross a Trigger and I doesn't have the correct item (define by Variable) the lights blinked (Turns Visible and Invisible).

    I would like try to make this with AC system from comments of Chris, because I don't have any programming knowledge. 
    But what I have realized doesn't work. I have missed something, wrong?


  • The "Object: Visibility" Action affects Renderer components - i.e. meshes and sprites - not Lights.  To control a light through ActionLists, attach the included Light Switch component to it - see the "Light Switch" chapter of the Manual.
  • Hi Chris,

    works fine! 

    Last question: how I can repeat or loop this effect X times I want?

  • You can loop Actions back on themselves, pausing them with an Engine: Wait Action if necessary.  The ActionList: Kill Action can also be used to have a separate ActionList (e.g. a Trigger) stop it from running.

    An integer variable can keep track of how many times you run a loop by increasing its value each time (Variable: Set) and seeing if it's reached a maximum value (Variable: Check).

    Then again, it's also possible to just animate the light's enabled state / intensity with Unity's standard Animator system.  AC can control the playback of Animator components with the Object: Animate Action.  With that technique, you wouldn't need to use the LightSwitch nor have a looping ActionList to turn it on/off in a cycle, as that would be all controlled through animation.
  • I have opted for the first option since I have been the fastest to do.
    Many thanks Chris.
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