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3D Features in 2D

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I'm wanting to make a 2D game with Adventure Creator, but not wanting to give up the features that are currently exclusive to 3D - namely, inventory object holding is the dealbreaker, but I'd also really like to take advantage of head tracking and auto-lip sync. I understand these are obstacles because sprites don't use a system of bones, so I was wondering whether something like Puppet2D would make it possible to bridge that gap? If you're not familiar with the product already, here's the asset store and website links. Greatly appreciate your thoughts - thanks in advance,

Alternatively, do you have any plans of bringing features currently exclusive to 3D over to 2D through means of your own?


  • That's another point, yeah: whether it's with SmoothMoves, TDTK or just on your own within Unity, you can make a sort of bone system by chopping up your sprite into parts and setting the pivots accordingly. As it stands, is it possible to use AC features like item carrying in 2D through such a method?
  • One potential problem of trying to attach an inventory item to a bone in 2D is that getting 'in' the hand will be difficult. I guess it would be possible to fudge the draw order similar to how sorting maps do.

    My view is that the easiest way would be to actually include ALL inventory items within the player character so that they can be keyed to appear or disappear and then have the character animated using them as custom animations.

    If you wanted the character to have full normal behaviours (walk etc) while holding an object then you could make multiple character prefabs and swap the character prefab for each state. This is not simple by any means so having like 10 different 'states' would be a bit of a task.
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