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Inventory: Check Selected bug?

The Inventory: check selected action doesn't seem to be working correctly. I have it currently set up in an unhandled inventory-use-on-hotspot action list, and when testing it with the appropriate item, it will always come back false. 

Could this be due to the fact that this item is being used on the hotspot to initiate this action list? Does that "deselect" the inventory item?

Thanks as always.


  • Yes, that would be the cause - the Action's more intended for menu behaviour you might want when selecting particular items, so it should be run in the background, rather than as the result of a mouse-click.

    You can set up an unhandled interaction per-Inventory item, don't forget - not just the "global" ones at the top of the Inventory Manager.
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    For the "Inventory Interactions" setting I am using "multiple" because I would like to be able to select, use and examine each inventory item, and that isn't possible using "single" inventory interaction mode.

    In "multiple" mode there is no option for per- item unhandled interactions. The only available interactions appear to be those defined by the cursor manager (in my case, look at, use, or talk to). 

    That's why I'm trying to use the Inventory: Check Selected action, as that seems to be the only other option in setting up unhandled interactions for specific inventory items when using "multiple" inventory interaction mode. Is there a way to set up these per-item unhandled interactions when using "multiple" inventory interaction mode? 
  • No, but I'll see if it can be a 1.41 addition.
  • Thanks, that would be a real help!
  • I updated to 1.41a, and I'm looking through the upgrade notes and the new features in the settings and inventory managers, but I don't see any solution to my above issue. Did you add a fix?

    Again, just to reiterate, my game settings are "Choose interaction then hotspot" and "Multiple" for inventory interactions, and I want a way to define per-inventory item unhandled interactions. As far as I can tell there is still no way to do that.
  • The feature got changed around a bit after I got thinking about the best way to tackle it.  Rather than defining an "Inventory: Select" Action for each item, you now just have to choose which of your defined interaction types selects the item if it's unhandled.

    Look in your Settings Manager: there should be a checkbox called Select item if Interaction is unhanded?  Check it, and you'll be able to choose which Interaction type selects the Item.
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    I think we might have a misunderstanding (and this might warrant an entirely new post). I wasn't having any problems selecting the inventory items, as I was just using the standard "pointer" cursor which appears in menus to do that.

    What I'm trying to do is to have specific unhandled action lists for each item when it is used on a hotspot, rather than the single standard "use on hotspot" unhandled event.

    For instance, I want to run a different actionlist if I'm using a sword item on a hotspot, than if I'm using a fireball item on a hotspot.

    As far as I can tell, with the settings configuration I have now (choose interaction then hotspot and multiple for inventory interactions) there is no way to define per-inventory item unhandled hotspot events. Is that correct, or am I missing something?
  • I see the issue - the options only display if Inventory interactions is set to Single.  1.41 brought more features to Multiple, but this was left out.  I'll correct this in 1.42.
  • Thanks, as always!
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