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MOLD (working title)

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Hi everybody!

It took almost forever to get to this point ;) , but here it is... our first gameplay video:

if you are interested, there is quite a lot of background info on the production blog:

if facebook is your thing: (especially if you have a "Like" to spare ;) )

made with Unity pro, AC and playmaker, I hope you like it (critiques/inputs are always welcome!)

last but not least, Thanks Chris! AC made it all possible, I wouldn't have dared to start with unity without it. Kudos!


  • Ridiculously impressive atmosphere, great work!  I was going to ask about your lighting set up, but I'll wade through your blog first.
  • i really love this game its look perfect great art
  • thanks guys! ;)

    About the lighting.... the set is created in softimage/zbrush/3dcoat and was rendered (seperated in about 20 depth layers) in 10K resolution with arnold(solid angle). Which took on my 3 licenses about 2 weeks (jeez ;) the "main" pass (just the one frame) took about 5 days alone)

    It gets comped and baked to nicely UVed lowres geo in several 2K tiles... and the unity scene has additional realtime lights / color corrections to fuse everything together (which is still not perfect, yet)
  • Wow, it looks a movie! I like the camera movement, great job!!! ;)
  • thanks! i really appreciate it :)
  • So impressive, indeed, there's a real movie quality. Animation inside makes it so alive °^° (like all the ants moving around, or that silly and great idea to get the main character above an insect in order to move). No wonder why the render took so long.
    'goin to check all your articles, I will spend a great afternoon I think 8D
  • possibly the best looking game i've ever seen... inspiring stuff. good luck with the project!
  • Thumbs up! great work there!

    And really good dev reading on your blog, thank you about that :)
  • thanks everybody! ;) it's great to get some feedback (after spending years under a rock ;) ) appreciate it!
  • Wow a really amazing looking game, great job! Can't wait to play.
  • Terrific Stuff.   Keep up the Great work!

  • impressed by frog's eyes
  • edited February 2015

    Thanks guys!

    Unfortunately the production stalled heavily in the last month, I was dragged from one gig to the next (in my non-indie life ;) )  i'm currently back at doing art-related stuff, so i didn't touch unity in more than a month except once when i recently updated AC.

    but we'll get there... some day ;)
  • I'm interested in how you have the camera follow the pointer as well as the player.

    Is that a Playmaker feature, an AC setting (which I may have missed) or is it something you did custom?

    Really liking the fast pace too. I'd LOVE to take a look at a snapshot of your interactions settings :)
  • it's an AC feature (inside ACs camera settings) "Follow Cursor" i think.. great feature, but it brings a few minor gameplay issues (its a little bit harder to hit a hotbox when the cursor affects the camera... but its a small price to pay ;) )

    nothing special with the interaction settings.... it was a real pain though to setup the dynamics with friction and mass.. and everything affected the pathfinding (it got buggy with "wrong" settings).. what a pain it was ;)
  • Incredible work. Love the camera and render work. AAA.

  • Absolutely fantastic!
    Is this 2.5D (2D rendered images in layers) or is this actually 3D with those res texures?

  • wicked!!, Loved it
  • Crazy how good it looks, this will sell like hot cakes on PS4, congrats on a genius work flow, I would love to see this on a huge 4K tv.
  • @CathyR @radiantboy

    hehe Thanks!
    but i doubt a P&C adventure will ever sell like hot cakes :) i'd die a happy man if i #1 finish it before 2030, #2 recover some of the expenses I had ;)
  • Wow, this is truly inspiring work!
  • So this isn't 3D or 2D. I assume it's 2.5D. I see rendering features of 3D but the environment and scenery are pre-rendered set pieces right? The character animation looks 2.5. Does it 'jump' down off the shipwreck or am I imagining?

    You didn't answer a previous query about the graphics method. Are you unwilling to disclose? :)
  • @Xidore

    "....scenery are pre-rendered set pieces right?"
    correct. bot those preprendered pieces are assembled inside of a 3d scene.

    "The character animation looks 2.5"
    correct again. 12 angles prerendered.

    "Does it 'jump' down off the shipwreck or am I imagining?"
    it does. its a true 3d set after all.

    "You didn't answer a previous query about the graphics method."
    mhhhh, you right, seems like i missed one or thought I answered it already...  sry @Havok

    here you go:
    its prerendered 3D, baked,projected onto 3D geometry and rendered via a 3D engine. you can call it 2.5D if you like ;) (2.8D seems more fitting though ;) )

    " Are you unwilling to disclose?"
    I started to write a "prototype post mortem" on my blog, which hopefully addresses all remaining questions... 2 posts are already online, a third (about projection mapping) will be posted in a few days.

    unwilling pffff ;)
  • Heh. I only thought you might be unwilling because clearly its a great deal of your time and effort to achieve this. While it might seem 'mean' to be unwilling to share details it would be really understandable if you wanted to keep your methods proprietary and not disclose them all openly :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    I did look at your blog but it doesn't (yet) appear to go into detail on what you did within Unity/AC.
    I'm still very curious what solution you had for what you described: 

    "it was a real pain though to setup the dynamics with friction and mass.. and everything affected the pathfinding (it got buggy with "wrong" settings).. what a pain it was "

    We are developing a game with a rodent as a main character and the whole 'small things scuttling about a large world' feel of yours blows me away. How DID you achieve it?
  • @Xidore just FYI, i've added the third post which shows the projection mapping workflow...

    I'll cover Unity related stuff (including the ants) in the next post or the one after that, but its basically a sprite with ACs NPC script (and 8 angles), controlled and created during runtime by a very simple playmaker FSM.

  • Brill thanks :)
  • Hi,

    I also think the game looks just stunning. Are you by any chance using the camera projections method which is also used in Daeadlics Whispered World 2?

    Also, which AC setup do you use, 2D or 3D - because I understand you are using a 2D-sprite as character but projecting the beautiful textures on 3D models in realtime.

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