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Touch control - Is it Working?

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
Hi there,

I have spent most of today trying to get Touch control working properly. 

I have the latest version of Adventure Creator 1.3.

I have the input settings set to: Movement method None, Input method Touch, Interaction method Context Sensitive. 

I have a simple 2D scene set up with two cameras a few hotspots to switch the scenes with work fine both on the device and in the editor. The problem comes when setting up interactions. I have an Add to inventory Hotspot and one that has a dialog interaction and I can't figure out for the life of me how to interact with them on my iPhone. 

I have read the manual over and over checking there isn't a special something or other. They pop the text over the top but nothing happens if I double tap, single tap. Touch and tap with another finger. Anything I can think of doesn't work.

Is there something I still need to set up? Everything works fine in the Editor in Mouse and Keyboard mode but switching to touch mode very little works.

What am I doing wrong?


  • Sorry - I'm not quite clear on the issue here.  You say that some Hotspots are working (to change scene) while others aren't?  All Hotspots use Interactions, so if you've got one working I can't see why another isn't.  Screenshots would help.
  • Please ignore the above. Figured out what was happening and have most things working now.
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