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Dynamic hint system

edited May 2014 in Engine development
I would like to implement a dynamic hint sytem in my game, which is pretty much standard in adventure games these days. First I just created a Button which opens a "hint book" with hints to all puzzles in the gam.

But now I am wondering how to realize a system based on the player's progress to just tell him what to do next.  I was thinking about setting giving each puzzle a variable which will be set to true after solving - but I am not sure if this is the most efficient way or how to change the contents of my hint book at runtime.

Anybody else maybe working on that feature?



  • You can try splitting your hint book into different menus (or at least menu elements), that show and hide based on your player's progress in the game.  Use the Menu: Change state Action to change elements, and lock/unlock menus.  Changes aren't currently recorded between scenes, but this'll be fixed in 1.32.
  • Good idea to make each hint a menu item - and since my scene are more like independant levels I don't have the problem you mentioned, I can simply create a hint menu for each scene - but good to know for the future :-)
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