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Upload Avatar and send & receive information

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Hi everyone.

Well, i've been going back and fort with this question and for the hell of it, im posting it here.

I'm planing on some features that would hopefully add some user interactivity and maybe a bit helping hand to community creation. (also help me with users choices within the game)


1) i would like users to be able to choose their own avatars from their sdcards
2) I would like them to be able to send their informations (like register their characters by sending it)
3) Receive information (the ones i'll send, like presents to their characters etc - only text)

Mind you, these steps will not be mandatory so its just for people whom like to share their progress.

I'm not sure whether this is AC core problem but rather Unity i guess. So if anyone has any tips on the matter and direct me on any rotation, it would help out alot.


  • Ok im thinking whether can i export and import information from xmls. Thats a routine im familiar with. IF i can export games information to xml and maybe import also from xml.  With each import, export the version number would be updated so there wont be rewrites of the old data.

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