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Playmaker triggers AC

Hi Folks

Since AC doesnt deal with swipe and pinch , I am using Playmaker to get those inputs

But what would be the leanest way to use Playmaker (action) swipe input event trigger AC camera action?

e.i- Rotating a camera around an object along several waypoints via swipe 


  • If you're moving to set points each time, then create a set of Cutscenes to handle each transition type (e.g. A->B, B->C, C->B etc).

    Cutscenes can be run externally by calling their "Interact" function - PlayMaker can do this by sending an "Interact" message to their GameObjects.
  • Thanks Chris

    I sucessfully use the interact function within playmaker

    But there is something within AC Camera that doesnt read some input playmakers FSM scrips

    the detect swipe function doesnt work when used by a AC camera, why is that?

  • You'll have to elaborate - it could be anything.  Screenshots?
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